It both is and is not; neither is, nor is not

When autumn slowly usurps the sun soaked days of summer, I dream of walking out my front door only to be greeted by a temperature that catches my breath. I dream of crisp red and yellow leaves crunching under my boots as I weave through the city on my way to school. I dream of sleepy Sundays where nothing but a novel, hot chocolate and a warm blanket can soothe my soul...
One day I will be there.
-October 2010


"If thou fill thy brain with Boston and New York, with fashion and covetousness, and wilt stimulate thy jaded senses with wine and French coffee, thou shalt find no radiance of wisdom in the lonely waste of the pine woods"

- Emerson, “The Poet”

"I like messy people; people who don’t fit in a box or stay between the lines, but who’s integrity is greater than any rule book and who’s loyalty is stronger than blood."

- Jim Wern  (via socaltides)

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